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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Eleanor & Park Read-Along Chapters 30-36

Well, now that we're over the halfway mark, the reading is getting extremely intense!

Here are some of our comments from chapters 30-36:

I like how we uncover little bits of Eleanor and Park’s history through the story. The author isn’t afraid to slowly reveal the pieces of their lives, like with Tina and Eleanor’s mom. I like that Eleanor and Park’s relationship isn’t perfect.
That said, I do feel like any second, the relationship could be derailed ...
I like that the book is addressing so many complex issues about appearance, makeup and disguise and how those play into being honest and truthful as a person. Really interesting, and I feel like it’s done in a very authentic way.- Tiff (@mostlyyalit)

I love how Park is so protective and defensive of Eleanor, and how upset he is about the writing on her books. Park is ready to kick someone’s butt for Eleanor, but as much as she loves him for it, she doesn’t quite want him to do it..
. The writing in this chapter is so revealing and so honest it’s amazing.... Christmas at Eleanor’s house is terrifying and heartbreakingly sad. At least she seems to have found some refuge in Park’s house, but I’m worried about how long that can last, despite Park’s parents’ acceptance of Eleanor. There are a lot of themes about figuring out who you are and carving out your own identity, and I love how this is explored with both Eleanor & Park. - Rachel (@rachelnseigel)

head a bit (thought the stopping point was 39 and not 36 lol). I feel like these chapters are the calm before the storm. I’m really happy the way Park’s mother came around to Eleanor and that Eleanor is opening up more to Park. I’m annoyed with Maisie but I understand why she’s the way she is. Nothing stood out too much to me in these chapters.-
Ardo (@a_wordsmith)

Discussion Questions:

1. Do you think that Eleanor should allow Park to be her protector, or is she doing the right thing trying to handle things by herself?

2. How does Park's previous relationship with Tina affects her feelings for him? Does it harm their relationship or bring them closer?

3. How long do you think Eleanor can continue to find refuge in Park's house? Is this a solution?

4. What do you think are Park's reasons for trying out makeup? Is it tied into his issues with his father?

5. Why is the relationship between Park and his father so difficult? What do you think either one of them should do to change it?


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