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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Horton Halfpott- A Quirky Mystery for Clever Kids

Horton Halfpott, a good-natured, young kitchen servant in the Luggertuck household has accepted his lot in life. During the day, he keeps his head down, and tries to avoid Miss Neversly's wooden spoon. At night, he escapes to kindly Lord Emberly's special study, filled with books and treasures that ignite his imagination.    
The trouble begins one day when M'lady Luggertuck does something unthinkable- she loosens her corset. This leads to all kinds of unusual behaviour, including the planning of a costume ball. And then it happens- the LuggertuckLump, a precious family heirloom goes missing, and the Luggertcuks are looking for someone to blame. Could it be that the mild-mannered Horton is to blame?

I loved this book, and author Tom Angeleberger is a real talent. The book is funny and intelligent, and there are no fart jokes to be found! I especially like the character list at the beginning of the novel, because it will come in handy once you start reading. The cast of characters is huge, and each plays a role to perfection.  The adults are mean and silly, and the kids are intelligent and resourceful. It also has the bonus of being a challenging and satisfying mystery, that has just enough clues to lead readers to the solution without giving anything away too quickly. I think if Roald Dahl had written mysteries, they would look a lot like this.

 Being a Victorina spoof, the author adapts a 19th century style, and while the story is fast-paced and funny, reluctant readers may struggle with the formality of the language, but it would make a great read-aloud and an enthusiastic reader could really bring this to life for young readers.

This is only the author's second book, (First being The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda) but he is absolutely one to watch!